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          About Us

          Skills International is a multidisciplinary organization engaged in Consultancy, Training, Research & Assessments. Its consultancy activities started with an initial focus on the TVET sector (Technical & vocational Education and Training), but has now expanded well into the Infrastructure Development & Evaluation studies sectors as well.

          Skills International (SKILLS) Pakistan has made defining inroads into the TVET sector of Pakistan having positioned itself as a provider of technical assistance & capacity building. Working with some iconic institutions both in the public & private sectors, it has helped to deliver quality technical & vocational training that impart employable skills, which meet international standards.

          SKILLS is also the Authorized Representative of City & Guilds in Pakistan. City & Guilds of UK is the world's foremost international vocational qualification awarding body. Founded in 1878, City & Guilds is a Royal Chartered institution certifying nearly 2 million qualifiers annually in a wide array of technical & vocational disciplines. Competence gained through City & Guilds qualifications are widely acclaimed by employers as a benchmark for workplace excellence.

          In its capacity as the authorized representative, SKILLS has facilitated over 143 training institutions to become City & Guilds approved centers to deliver City & Guilds qualification programs. These qualifications range from Engineering, English Language, Hospitality, and Hair & Beauty to Business Support Skills. SKILLS has supported these institutions with implementation, capacity building and marketing.

          SKILLS is also mandated to conduct Examination & Assessment services for all City & Guilds Technical & Vocational awards, whilst English Language Examinations are conducted at secure testing centres under City & Guilds direct management.

          Key focus areas of Skills

          • TVET Sector: (Infrastructure & equipment planning, layout planning, TOT, development of Teaching material)
          • Training/ Institutional capacity building. (Development & Delivery)
          • Infrastructure development sector: (Feasibility Studies, Environmental Impact Assessments, Social Impact Assessments, Resettlement Action Plans)
          • M&E/ Impact Evaluation Surveys (Development, Social & Educational sectors)

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